AR45LFP-GR-GCI Diaphragm Pump w/Gearbox


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The AR45LFP-GR-GCI Diaphragm Pump is widely used in the commercial, industrial and agricultural sprayer and soft wash industries. With a flow rate up to 11 gpm and max pressure of 290 psi it is optimal for small or medium-sized sprayers. Enjoy top of the line chemical resistance with poly heads and manifolds as well as Viton piston diaphragms.

Manufacturer Description:

Annovi Reverberi AR45LFP-GR-GCI liquid fertilizer and pesticide low pressure diaphragm pump. Three semi-hydraulic diaphragms. Single male cardan shaft. For use in the gardening or professional agricultural sectors, base-mounted in combination with PTO’s, electric motors or internal combustion engines for gardening, and small sprayers for medium-pressure pesticide treatments in gardens, greenhouses, orchards or vineyards.

  • Semi-hydraulic three-diaphragm pump, for use with aggressive products in low pressure systems
  • Parts in contact with the liquids being pumped are: reinforced polypropylene, Kynar and AISI 316 L. Diaphragms in BlueFlex and Viton®
  • Three-diaphragm design for smoother operation, lower pulsation and less hammer effect
  • Crankcase shell is precision die cast. Splash lubricated oiling system with a clear oil tank for visual oil level checking
  • Remote level monitoring sensor on request
  • Oil drainage stopper
  • Piston and ring design offers an efficient “oil cushion” system to protect the diaphragm
  • New-design diaphragms and keepers prevent contact tearing even in heavy-duty operating conditions
  • Spherical sector profile valves offer lower flow resistance and improved volumetric efficiency
  • Heavy duty mounting rails, AISI 304 SST fasteners. Drive types: Cardan shaft or keyed solid shaft Available with reduction gearbox for internal combustion engines, pulley fixtures or flanges for hydraulic motors.

Available with reduction gearbox for electric motors or internal combustion engines, pulley fixtures or flanges for hydraulic motors.


  • Max flow: 11.4 gpm
  • Max pressure: 290 psi
  • Includes GS25 pressure regulator and AR31185 gearbox with 3/4″ hollow shaft for mounting on 5 to 6.5 hp gas engines
  • Port sizes: 1-1/4″ HB inlet, (2) 1/2″ HB outlet, 3/4″ HB bypass
  • Pump shaft rotation: CW and CCW
  • Diaphragms: 3, semi-hydraulic, Viton
  • Housing: Anodized aluminum
  • Head & Manifolds: Polypropylene
  • Max fluid temperature: 140°F
  • Weight: 40 lbs


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