Dragon Hot Box System


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Dragon Hot Box Systems

  • Designed to connect to an existing pressure washer to make any cold water suystem transform into a complete hot water unit
  • Top-to-bottom schedule 80 coil for maximum temperature rise
  • Stainless coil wrap and control panel
  • Safety pressure relief valve
  • Flow switch
  • Adjustable thermostat temperature control
  • Beckett burner
  • Powder coated steel frame
  • Poly 6-gallon diesel/kerosene fuel tank
  • Fuel filter
  • 12 volt leads or 120 volt GFCI

Our Dragon Hot Boxes are an external Hot Box option to add heat to your pressure washers flow.


D-HB40 4000 4.0 ADC 12 280,000 17″x21″x40″ 225 lbs.
D-HB40-AC 4000 4.0 ADC 120 280,000 17″x21″x40″ 225 lbs.
D-HB50 4000 5.0 ADC 12 350,000 17″x21″x40″ 230 lbs.
D-HB50-AC 4000 5.0 ADC 120 350,000 17″x21″x40″ 230 lbs.
D-HB80 4000 8.0 ADC 12 420,000 21″x26″x46″ 375 lbs.
D-HB80-AC 4000 8.0 ADC 120 420,000 21″x26″x46″ 375 lbs.
D-HB100 4000 10.0 SDC 12 455,000 21″x26″x46″ 385 lbs.
D-HB100-AC 4000 10.0 SDC 120 455,000 21″x26″x46″ 385 lbs.

Specs And GPM

The Dragon is Available in the following GPM options. (Please choose your Hot box based on your machines GPM Flow.

4 GPM Machines:

  • D-HB40 Dragon Hi-Flow 4GPM
  • D-HB40AC Dragon Hi-Flow 4GPM w/ 120V AC with GFCI
  • D-HB40SS ALL Stainless Steel Dragon Hi-Flow 4GPM
  • D-HB40AC-SS ALL Stainless Steel Dragon Hi-Flow 4GPM w/ 120V AC with GFCI

5.5 GPM Machines:

  • D-HB50 Dragon Hi-Flow 5.5GPM
  • D-HB50AC Dragon Hi-Flow 5.5GPM w/ 120V AC with GFCI
  • D-HB50SS ALL Stainless Steel Dragon Hi-Flow 5.5GPM
  • D-HB50AC-SS ALL Stainless Steel Dragon Hi-Flow 5.5GPM w/ 120V AC with GFCI

8 GPM Machines:

  • D-HB80 Dragon Hi-Flow 8GPM
  • D-HB80SS ALL Stainless Steel Dragon Hi-Flow 8GPM

10 GPM Machines:

  • D-HB100 Dragon Hi-Flow 10GPM
  • D-HB100SS All Stainless Steel Dragon Hi-Flow 10GPM

Please note that All Hot boxes may take time to build/assemble. If you are in immediate need of assistance please call the shop to verify the timeline and delivery of your Hot Box


Additional information


D-HB50 Dragon 5.5GPM, D-HB80 Dragon 8GPM


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