Dragon Juice NV2 4 Gallon


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Dragon juice

NV2 is for flatwork only
Tackling synthetic stains
Heavy oxidation
Shorter dwell times
Heavy grease and oil stain
Great for commercial and residential flatwork

Dilution Rates:
To make “Ready to use Dragon Juice” mix 1 gallon Dragon Juice with 20 gallons of water
To make “Full strength ready for chemical injection usage” mix 1 gallon of Dragon Juice with 1
To make “The super concentrated for heaviest of stains” mix 1 gallon Dragon Juice with 5 gallon

Read MISTS before using. For a free copy call 678-857-5809
Distributed exclusively by Five Star Chemicals, a division of The Five Star Kingdom.

Dragon Juice contains no caustics, butyl, chlorinated solvents or phosphates
Thank you for your business and the Blessing.


Dragon Juice NV SDS


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