Green Apple Wash

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Green Apple Wash is a surfactant-based, all-purpose, house washing solution with a rich apple fragrance. This chlorine-stable surfactant works to enhance the foam of the chlorine solution, creating a longer dwell time on surfaces and more efficient house wash.

The recommend dilution is 5-10 ounces of solution per 50 gallons of chlorine as a good starting point. Actual usage may vary depending on the actual job type and user preference.


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Weight 3.85 kg
Dimensions 31 × 16 × 16 cm

2 reviews for Green Apple Wash

  1. Richard Perreras

    Used the apple wash surfactant for roof wash and house wash job today. Customers loved the smell and really masked the SH scent. Surfactant kept the SH retention well and didn’t dry up fast.

    Texas folks and all pressure washing professionals— this should be your go to product. Save yourself on shipping if you’re local or get the fast shipping!

  2. derk

    Smells great. Lasts way too long. I bought a gallon about 4 months ago and has covered over 400 gallons of SH. I just throw a bit in the tank and it smells forever. Highly recommend it for the price

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