K7 Unloader 3500 PSI


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The unloader valve diverts water flow into bypass when the trigger gun valve is closed.

Flow actuated unloaders divert water to the bypass when there is a sufficient reduction or stoppage of water flow. The flow actuated unloader has an orifice instead of a check valve in pressure actuate unloaders. When the gun valve is closed and water flow stops, system pressure is increased rapidly at all points past the orifice.

A small channel in front of the orifice allows the increased pressure to travel up to the piston assembly, pushing it down. The rest of the water flow is diverted through the bypass and back to the float tank or pump inlet.

This uses BSP fittings. NPT fittings will work but not make more than 2-3 turns. Please be aware. ALL K7’s and ZK1’s are this way and work normally with NPT’s.


Features all stainless and brass internal parts
Design reduces sensitivity to entrapped air
No external moving parts or springs
Eliminates high pressure in all lines while unit is in bypass mode
Bypass restrictor eliminates pressure peaks during bypass
Unique balanced piston design permits precise pressure adjustments
Simple design for easy maintenance and service

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K7.2 Unloader 4.2-6.6 GPM, K7.3 Unloader 6.6-10.8Gpm


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