Texas Tiny Thunder 48×41.5 Skid


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Contact the store at 737-270-0199 to have an invoice sent for the skid deposit and/or to discuss any needed modifications.
This skid will fit in any compact truck.  It weighs approximately 450lbs dry and 1450 lbs with water and chemicals.
Lifan 24HP 8GPM $14,650 or GX690 8GPM $16,050
Aluminum Skid 48x.41.5 made from 3/16″ thick aluminum
Texas Tornado 14GPM 12V (60ft distance) using Remco pumps.
3/4” Proportioner with Asahi Metering Valves
12″ Hannay Manual Reel
12″ Hannay Manual Reel
18″ Hannay Manual Reel
55 gallon buffer tank
55 gallon chemical tank
200ft Pressure Hose 1 wire Fierce Jet
200ft 5/8 Soft Wash Hose Flex Tech
100ft 3/4” Flexzilla
GP Red Wash Down Gun
ST-2315 Suttner Pressure Gun
12 Gallon Gas Tank
Ladder Rack
Optional to link 55’s for 110 gallon buffer tank and use a smaller SH Tank (25 gallons or smaller)
GX690 8GPM add $1400
iGX390 5.5GPM subtract $850
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***This product takes 2-3 weeks to build from order date and then 5-7 business days for freight shipping.***

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