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Our high flow proportioner with 3 valves allows for maximum flow increasing distance and volume in any soft wash system.

A 7GPM 100PSI 12V System with this proportioner, a 5/8 soft wash hose and 3/4″ plumbing will see 50ft and 4gpm. https://youtu.be/9RkU1wDdcuY

A P40 or AR45 gas soft wash system will shoot 65-70ft with this proportioner and a 5/8″ hose at 12GPM

An extra valve can be added for $190.00

The remote controls your SH and soap from anywhere on the job site with the click of a button.  It also rinses your chemical valve when rinsing.  The light on means SH and soap is flowing.  The light off means your rinsing.  We also include a manual override switch in case there is an RF module failure or both remotes get lost/broken.  Replacement remotes are available for $30 as a pair.

Plumbing Video:

Additional information

Weight 9.9 kg
Dimensions 66 × 51 × 21 cm

12 Volt – 3/4" Valves, AR45/P40 – 1" Valves


None, Extra Soap Valve


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